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Pravilo is a Russian method of fitness training designed to stretch, strengthen, and enhance physical performance. The method was developed in ancient Russia and was used by warriors before battle. It works to stretch and strengthen the internal framework of joints, tendons, and ligaments, as well as improve mental clarity and the ability to work under stress. The benefits of Pravilo training include more flexibility, strength, and endurance. 


Arseniy Grebnov

Arseniy Grebnov, LMT and founder of Pravilo USA and Fight & Heal is the first to bring Pravilo training to the United States. He is a wellness and martial arts instructor who uses Pravilo to help his clients meet their athletic and health goals. Arseniy developed this unique practice to heal his own sports injuries and chronic pain, and has helped many people do the same over the last 10 years. Pravilo is an integral part of his Fight & Heal System of martial arts and health practices.



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At first glance The Pravilo can look very intimidating. But once you are strapped in and Arseniy provides you with the proper instructions on how to breathe and what exercises to perform. You will feel as if a jolt of steroids had just been injected into your veins. The feeling of raw strength, flexibility, relaxation are all hitting you at the same time. There is just no other feeling like it. I can't thank you enough Arseniy for introducing me to the many benefits of the Pravilo.

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Introduction to Pravilo Video Course

Build Your Own Pravilo Frame

We provide the materials list, layout, and step-by-step instructions to build your own Pravilo frame. Customize it any way you want. Keep it for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Learn the Fundamentals of Pravilo Training

Find out the key principles of successful Pravilo training from an expert. You will learn the breath and movement techniques that help build strength and agility.

Access Over 20 Recommended Exercises

This course will provide instruction on over 20 recommended Pravilo exercises, including warm ups! 

Receive Expert Advice

We're here to answer any questions you have about setting up your Pravilo frame and developing your practice.

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