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At first glance The Pravilo can look very intimidating. But once you are strapped in and Arseniy provides you with the proper instructions on how to breathe and what exercises to perform. You will feel as if a jolt of steroids had just been injected into your veins. The feeling of raw strength, flexibility, relaxation are all hitting you at the same time. There is just no other feeling like it. I can't thank you enough Arseniy for introducing me to the many benefits of the Pravilo.


New Jersey

The breathing techniques, the relaxation, and the peace of mind I have achieved while using Pravilo and training with Arseniy regularly has much improved my life and how I live it.


New Jersey

I have been on Arseniy’s Pravilo, and have also built one of my own from his plans. Arseniy has a great understanding of how the body works, and also how to most effectively use the Pravilo. He has answered any questions I have had and has given me great advice. Using the Pravilo will increase your strength, flexibility and stamina in ways you can’t imagine. Highly recommend it.



I built Pravilo using the blueprints and instructions from Arseniy and used it quite a bit by now. Pravilo work is not just stretching , is not just fitness, it’s an experience of stretching ,strengthening and healing all at once !!! If it’s done right , it leaves your body calm and peaceful !!!! So it has profound psychological and neurological effect as well!!
This is a real training for mastering your body and spirit !!!



Very interesting and unique piece of equipment, I sincerely enjoyed training with it


New Jersey

There is nothing like a Pravilo stretch. You feel deep buried tension bubbling up out of your muscles, releasing stress and emotional weight. It's an amazing experience. Thank you Arseniy!



Pravilo is one of the single most influential elements of my new level of bodily control. It increases strength and flexibility, and if you are inclined toward such, has a very meditative spiritually strengthening element as well. The benefits are compounded with regular use. I find myself having permanent benefits as a result of my regular work on the pravilo that has made every aspect of my physical life better. The benefits that come from it have aided me in workouts, stretching on my own, my martial arts, and just improved my physical day to day comfort levels. I find myself attaining a previously unheard of physical mastery of my body. If incorporated into your life regularly it can also help with identifying problem spots on the body that can then be used to work said problems out. It provides an inner strength as well as it helps strengthen joints by improving blood flow to those otherwise tight areas of the body. I have been doing pravilo since some of Arseniy's earlier incarnations of the device and can say that thanks to his consistent dedication to improving the device, that while pravilo has always been an experience of mind and body betterment, it is now better than ever, more beneficial than ever, and more accessible than ever. I can not recommend it highly enough, especially for anyone who pursues physical disciplines.


New Jersey

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Build Your Own Pravilo Frame

We provide the materials list, layout, and step-by-step instructions to build your own Pravilo frame. Customize it any way you want. Keep it for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Learn the Fundamentals of Pravilo Training

Find out the key principles of successful Pravilo training from an expert. You will learn the breath and movement techniques that help build strength and agility.

Access Over 20 Recommended Exercises

This course will provide instruction on over 20 recommended Pravilo exercises, including warm ups! 

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Arseniy Grebnov

Arseniy Grebnov, LMT and founder of Pravilo USA and Fight & Heal is the first to bring Pravilo training to the United States. He is a wellness and martial arts instructor who uses Pravilo to help his clients meet their athletic and health goals. Arseniy developed this unique practice to heal his own sports injuries and chronic pain, and has helped many people do the same over the last 10 years. Pravilo is an integral part of his Fight & Heal System of martial arts and health practices.

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