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Back in stock and better than ever, our custom branded Pravilo USA wrist and ankle supports are the best on the market. The keystone of successful Pravilo training, these professionally crafted wrist and ankle supports have been thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort and safety while suspended. High-quality materials and heavy-duty construction guarantee that these supports will see you through many hours of Pravilo suspension. This is a complete set containing both wrist and ankle supports. Our supports are sold in one size only and can be adjusted to fit a wide size range.

Wrist & Ankle Supports Set

  • Our premium wrist and ankle supports are designed and crafted specifically for Pravilo training. They have been optimized for comfort and durability and are sure to provide the Pravilo practitioner an outstanding training experience. Exclusively sold by Pravilo USA. *Products cannot be returned or exchanged once worn*

  • Supports cannot be returned once worn. Please reach out with any questions about wearing the supports so we can advise on getting the most comfortable fit.

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