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Pravilo is a Russian method of fitness training designed to stretch, strengthen, and enhance physical performance. The method was developed in ancient Russia and was used by warriors before battle. It works to stretch and strengthen the internal framework of joints, tendons, and ligaments, as well as improve mental clarity and ability to work under stress. By stretching all the connective tissues and removing knots and blockages, Pravilo practice increases bloodflow to the entire body. The end result is a stronger, calmer, and more agile body and mind. The benefits of Pravilo have a wide range of applications. When used simply for relaxation and gentle stretching, it improves circulation and imparts a general feeling of well-being. When used for performance enhancement, it drastically increases the strength of muscles and joints and improves athletic performance.

Pravilo Improves Athletic Performance

Strategic Pravilo exercises are used for the development and activation of those muscles and connective tissue that are usually not addressed or developed with any standard type of physical fitness practice.  Also, the method of static tension and the deep relaxation thereafter have direct and documented benefits on physical recovery and an increase in athletic performance. A major role of Pravilo is in post-recovery for professional athletes and any person leading an active lifestyle, seeking to fulfill their specific goals. We have an effective program designed for that. With a full body stretch and workout, the activation of every joint and muscle brings the ability to control your body in a way that was impossible before, with freedom and power. Breathing capability is increased which directly and positively affects the stamina and cardiovascular endurance of athletes. The whole skeletal and muscular structure is aligned and strengthened to reduce injury and optimize performance.

Health Benefits of Pravilo

The beneficial effect that Pravilo has on our health comes from stretching, relaxing, and removing blockages for increased blood flow. With regular practice, our internal organs receive the stimulation needed to activate the internal healing process. In addition, decompression of the spine improves posture and circulation and encourages relaxation in our nervous system. Recovery processes in the muscles, connective tissue and fascia are sped up, and the skeletal system is strengthened. The overall energy of the body is increased and a state of positive calmness prevails in the psyche. The immune system is strengthened and is more resilient. The effects of stress on all systems are eradicated. If, before the practice, a person feels tightness, pain, or tension, all that remains after a proper session are feelings of relaxation, freedom, and calmness. Within one month of steady practice, participants feel as if their overall physical and emotional state has improved drastically and with permanent positive change. 
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